RPMDA Convention

rpmda_logoSeveral of Stanton’s staff members flew to Salt Lake City, Utah for this year’s RPMDA Convention. RPMDA is a trade organization of music dealers from across the country who meet annually to discuss current issues involving printed sheet music. Stanton’s became one of the charter members of the organization when John Stanton and James Strouse attended the very first meeting in St. Louis back in 1976. The meeting involved several major sheet music store owners wanting to discuss issues with which they were currently dealing. What they discovered was that they were each working on the same basic issues as the next guy, so after discussing these problems together they were able to come up with new and better solutions to their common problems.

This year’s convention is no different from the first convention 33 years ago; some things have changed with new technology, but there are still core issues that all owners are still dealing with. RPMDA gives companies like Stanton’s an opportunity to build relationships with publishers and suppliers, discuss managerial issues with other business owners and find the next newest product that music educators can’t live without. One of the biggest highlights for the RPMDA members was a special mini-concert given by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir after their normal Thursday night rehearsal.

Stanton’s would like to congratulate the President of Hal Leonard, Keith Mardak for winning this year’s Dorothy Award, RPMDA’s highest award for service and vision for our industry. Stanton’s would also like to congratulate Tony Bakker of Shawnee Press for winning the Ed Adams Scholarship Fund. The Ed Adams scholarship is awarded to a new “up and coming” person in our industry who shows promise and leadership. Since Tony is Stanton’s sales representative at Shawnee, maybe this means extra discounts for us?…just kidding–Tony is doing a great job!

To learn more about RPMDA or to become a member, visit their official website. Maybe we’ll see you at next year’s convention. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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