In What Other City…? Part 2

Sheet music retailers are few and far between nationwide and those with the breadth and scope of Stanton’s inventory are fewer and further between.  Local instrument dealers usually only carry basic method and pop books and tailor their print inventory to the school systems they service.  As a result, circumstances occasionally arise that make the staff at Stanton’s ask, “In what other city could this actually happen?”

We received a phone call one Saturday that went as follows:

Customer:  “How far are you from Capital University?”

Stanton’s:  “Only 3 or 4 miles or so.”

Customer:  “Great.  Do you carry the Aebersold Play-alongs?”

Stanton’s:  “Yes.  Which volume do you need?”

Customer:  “I need ‘Take the ‘A’ Train’ by Duke Ellington.”

Stanton’s:  “That should be in one of the Ellington volumes….(after double-checking the catalog) – Yep, it’s in volume 12 and we have it in-stock.”

Customer:  “Great!  Can you give us directions?  I’m at Capital for a tenor saxophone audition and my backing recording isn’t working.”

Within a half-hour, the prospective student’s mom stopped by to pick up the Aebersold volume that we had on ‘hold’ for him so that he could complete his audition.

“In what other city…?”

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