Here are some fun, educational games from Heritage Music Press, a division of the Lorenz Corporation that we think students will enjoy.

Two of these games are based on America’s favorite past-time, baseball.   In “Music Baseball-Instrument Identification”  the student gets to first base by correctly identifying the instrument he/she hears being played on the enclosed cd.  The student can try for a double, triple, or a home run by answering more difficult and challenging questions.  The same format is used for “Music Baseball- Name That Style” using questions pertaining to different styles of music.  The teacher acts as the Umpire for these games.

“Music Basketball” and “Rhythm Basketball” are based on regulation basketball play.  The teacher in these games is the referee deciding when “fouls” are called and penalty shots should be made.  These  games have specific questions for a 2 point shot.  More advanced questions for a 3 point shot.  These games are divided into  four quarters with each quarter using different aspects of music.  For example the 1st quarter is about melody,  the 2nd quarter is about terms,  and so on.

These games are a fun way to teach your students about music, terms, styles and rhythms without them even realizing it!  Please email us or check out our website for more information. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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