Sheet Music on a Budget

We all know how the economy is making you think twice about what to spend your money on these days.  Well, we’re happy to tell you sheet music is something you don’t need to worry about!  Alfred’s hit new series of books, 10 for $10, offers ten great arrangements compiled into convenient and affordable books.

You get great songs, representitive of their genres, but without having to commit yourself to one of those monster 100+ song compilation books (which are a pain in the butt to get to stay open on your stand).  High quality, inexpensive, and low commitment: what else could you need to jam out on that new guitar or keyboard you got last month?

Currently there are 16 different collections to pick from.

For piano:

For Piano with Vocals and Guitar chords (PVG):

For Guitar Tab:

Just poke around the website, give us a call (800-42-MUSIC), or shoot us an email. Heck, you can even leave a comment down below and we’ll get back to you!

Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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